What That Puppy Photo on Pinterest Says About the Future of the Internet

Via - Social Media & Marketing

The social web is more image-driven than ever. What does that mean for the people who use it?   The rise of the image. The web, being huge, will easily accommodate content that expresses itself textually and visually (and whatever else comes along) as it, inevitably, keeps expanding.   While we’re seeing, in the content world, the rise of image-heavy features like Buzzfeed scrollfests and HuffPostian slideshows and The Atlantic’s own, awesome In Focus, we’re seeing at the same time the rise of text-heavy content from, and Longreads, and, for that matter, long-form narrative sub-designations on Technology channels of magazine websites.   We’re seeing Atavist-style works that take the most textual technology there is — the book — and reimagine it as a dynamic artifact of multimedia. Words and images will always coexist, and to great effect; it takes a village to make a LOLcat.   Selected by Jan Gordon covering “Pinterest Watch”

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