Interesting Banking Trends

Interesting infographic on how banking trends are going to change

Interesting Banking Trends

Interesting infographic on how banking trends are going to change


Samsung’s fingerprint flop latest biometric cautionary tale

Last year it was the Apple iPhone 5s, this week it was the Samsung Galaxy S5. Both fooled by similar fingerprint reader hacks and leaving the biometric debate with another failure to chew on.

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Major security flaws threaten satellite communications

An analysis of satellite communication gear from more than a half-dozen major manufacturers has uncovered critical vulnerabilities that could be exploited to disrupt military operations and ship and aircraft communications.

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Heartbleed Critical Vulnerability in OpenSSL

The security community is actively discussing over this week the openssl vulnerability that allows attacker to exploit the Heartbeat TLS and receive 64KB in the RAM memory. The attack can be repeated continuously to get sensitive information from end users such as their passwords.

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The Internet of Things: An exploding security minefield

BOSTON - Everybody from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to a unanimous crowd of security experts has been issuing increasingly insistent warnings that security is not being taken seriously in the explosive development of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Identify Risk in a Heartbeat

By now, you most likely have heard of the announcement of the Heartbleed vulnerability in versions of OpenSSL.

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NSA denies knowledge of ‘Heartbleed’

After a report on Friday alleged the National Security Agency had previous knowledge of the “Heartbleed” bug — an Internet hack that has potentially affected the majority of Web servers — the agency denied it knew about the vulnerability.

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MUST HAVE Script for the Armitage Hacking tool on Kali — FREE TO DOWNLOAD

If you are reading this, it will mean that you are interested in finding more knowledge about the ‘Armitage’ hacking tool that you can find on the Kali Linux distribution.

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Surveillance is the Business Model of the Internet: Bruce Schneier

“Surveillance is the business model of the Internet,” Schneier told attendees. “We build systems that spy on people in exchange for services.” Corporations call it marketing.

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